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This is the second full length album of The Damnation Project, released by Records on Top. It is dedicated in all victims of Smyrna massacre, in 13/09/1922. It contains various styles of rock, pop rock, progressive rock and metal music and it ends up with the homonymous, astonishing, epic song, Smyrna.


released December 15, 2014

Ioannis Degdekis performed almost all guitars, basses, drums and keyboards in this album, except:

Bass on "A place for us", which was performed by George Polyzos. Iris Zorba, vocals in "Lonely Eyes". Eleni Liverakou - Eriksson, naration in "Smyrna". Ioannis Kakanis: Keyboards on "Lonely Eyes". Michael Katsaros: Vocals in "The biggest Hero".
Photos by: Eleni Liverakou - Eriksson

Recorded & Mixed by Ioannis Degdekis in Avaton Studio, Kavala, Greece
Mastered by Maximilion, in Elephat studio, Athens, Greece



all rights reserved


The Damnation Project Kavala, Greece

Progressive rock, metal, band from Kavala, Greece. Originally formed in Athens, at 2009, has already releases 2 full length albums (2012 The Damnation Project, 2014 Smyrna) and the first single (2016 Chronicles of life & death) of the forthcoming 3rd album, “Reflections”.

Ioannis Degdekis: Vocals, Guitars
Vasilis Gantzios: Drums
Manos Skaramankas: Keyboards
Thanos Zommanidis: Bass
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Track Name: Let me down
Let me down

My heart was full of desire
Your body was trying to find.
Every night I was aching for you.
In the morning I was hurting you.

To decided to leave me here.
And expect me to shed a tear.
I imagined my life alone
And my guitar created this tone.

Now memories fade away.
All these moments I used to obey
For your love, for your touch.
Now they belong to the past.

You thought you could let me down. You wished you could break me down.

Try to run – try to hide
Whatever to wanted to find.
Try to live like a star.
But remember you are only an avatar.

Now that you seek for the truth.
Are you really ready to loose
What your mind believed as real?
Because I have been disappeared.

I don’t ever remember your face.
Finally, you were only a phase.
Gladly you are like a joke.
Lazy woman, crazy poke!

You thought you could let me down. You wished you could break me down.

Now your letters seem strange.
Every word, every page
Seems to be only a lie.
Fake laughter, inner cry.

I had told you I am strong.
I don’t know if this is wrong.
I don’t know what’s really right.
But I am always ready for fight!

Now memories fade away.
All these moments I used to obey
For your love, for your touch.
Now they belong to the past.
Track Name: The Distance
The distance

Τhe distance becomes the path that brings us closer
The distance erase the past and makes us stronger
The distance that tear us apart seems so mistaken.
The distance of your magic touch wont be forgotten.

Touching your soft skin is my water
Thirsty again I sing and I wonder
Is this a reality? Or am I dreaming?
Coming close to sanity. And I am screaming.

Flying high above your soul
My secret desire unfolds
I m dying just to see your face
We fight the distance to erase!!!

Fear is my companion…I hear the voices
Whispering that I am alone…where are my choices?
Strongly I will stand my ground…I will not lie
First step to insanity I hold the line.

An angel comes inside my mind. It is your figure.
My sorrow far away I find. You are my treasure.
The distance comes again as path that brings us closer
The distance fulfils my lust to dream stronger.

Travelling away from here
There is a place where I can breathe
The springtime of my life is near
I feel you blossom close to me.
Track Name: The Gypsy

Unknown places born in your mind. “A place you used to like”.
Unknown faces smile this night when you hide. “There is no more light”.
They call me beside the fire and dance. “Drink a little wine”.
A nightmare should be. I can’t believe my life..”Your life belongs to me!!!”.

“A lullaby is not our style. You must be strong as me!”
Trying to remember trying to see where I am supposed to be…

I remember a house, a wife and a son. “There is nothing and none.”
I must have flown with my mind in another time! “Together we’ll be fine”
I miss all I have known, all I have loved…”You are my adored!”
I ‘m fighting that another me. Trying to see. “There’s nothing left to see!!!”

My knife is only my hope in order to get free.
I must kill myself to live again. Awake if this is a dream…

I thought I could…but I couldn’t
I thought I was…but I was not…
I burned my dreams…I sold my spirit.
I traveled so far away to find what? To find what? Me?
I was lost so so many years ago.
It was that caravan that I saw in that vision…in that dream.
But only that…it wasn’t a dream.
It was reality! REALITY!
And I was a gypsy.
And I did never belonged anywhere!
I had no land…no spirit…no soul…
Track Name: Lonely Eyes
Lonely eyes

Surrounded …too much crowded, but always lonely always proud. Forsaken… never mistaken! Spread your life as a passenger of time. Searching for…wasted love! Is your sorrow a sparkle you can hide?
Look into… my fears! Is anything familiar to you? Still I die.

Can I please touch you? Can you be my home?
Can I try hold you? May I try for you?

Read between the lines! Hide above the sky!
Follow my destiny! Tattooed in my back!

Let me read your words! Let me sing your poems.
Let me color your nightmare. Again let me be ALONE!

Can you really feel me? I am a lonely beast!
That’s why I adore you and your lonely eyes!!!

I tried to hold you back…into my soul’s dust.
I wished you could understand…next to me stand.
I dreamed of your eyes…your heart I see inside.
Burn in love’s embrace…my soul I cannot face…

I dreamed of your lonely eyes…now I pain in my heart.
I love your lonely eyes…now we breathe apart.
Give me your lonely eyes!
Show me your lonely eyes…now in tears my heart dies!
Track Name: A place for Us
A place for us

Lost… I was searching oblivion
I was loosing my mind
Couldn’t find my way out.

Space…I was struggling to stand my ground.
Never change or not be around.
Needed my own space and time.

Time…Always clocking against me for all.
Never made me feel safe at all.
And no one was never close to me.

Hope…I was hoping to find my own star.
Every night I was looking so far.
Every single tear drove me to there…

Where I would finally found you.
To where I would rest beside you.
Like a raindrop.
To where I could hold your fire.
Without never burn my desire.

Dream…I was always dreaming of you.
I was constantly touching you.
In my softest dreams of night.

Light…In the daylight was thinking of night.
My reality trying to fight.
By awaiting for you to come.

Notes…All those millions of millions of notes,
Were expressing my deepest hopes
Of there is such a place.

Sea…Beside me only the deep blue.
Would I ever be false or true,
That I would one stare on the sea???

Where I would finally found you.
To where I would rest beside you.
Like a raindrop.
To where I could hold your fire.
Without never burn my desire.

Now I have finally found you…
Now I can rest beside you.
Now I can hold in my hands your fire.
You are my raindrop.
Will never let me burn my desire.
Track Name: Sorrow and Light
Sorrow and light

Just run… run away from the moment
Which deeply colored so badly your life.
Walk away… never to return
No one is here to listen of you.

Just dream of what you wanted.
Try to listen only your heart.
Hide at last your sadness through this mask of light.
Disguise in future and past.

And I will give you all the magic of the sky.
Will give you all the strength to see up high.
Will sing for you so you can really fly.
And see this world is not for you a lie.

I cannot see you any more crying.
I promise I will let you to find.
The answers that are sleeping on your heart.
And be the one, the not missing part!

The light is coming for you tonight.
Will find you fight.
I’m lying to your side.
And now I bring you light.
Track Name: The Biggest Hero
The biggest hero

I was eleven and you were fourty
When we were left almost alone.
Surprised by life how cruel could be
Trying to catch my life’s dawn…

I promised I will be always beside
Take away all of your sorrow.
Never let you any more cry
You know I failed and I lied…

You gave me life
Hold me tied
Made me breathe
I just want you to know
You are my biggest hero!

How many times you told me in laughs
You died when you gave me birth?
How many times you punished me hard
Times I was out of the earth…

You loved me so much mother I know
But you showed it in such strange way.
But when the time came to take my way
You wished me the best, and I did the rest…

You gave me life
Hold me tied
Made me breathe
I just want you to know
You are my biggest hero!
Track Name: Smyrna
Σμύρνη (Smyrna)

Five thousand years of history.
An ancient city with its eyes on the sea.
A complex beauty often called
“Giaour Izmir” by the Turks.
A famous crossroad of east and west
A magic place, people used to rest.

Jewish and Greeks, Armenians and Turks
peacefully joined this city’s smell.
The houses open for every man
Unlocked doors happy faces.
Children were running in to the church’s stairs.
Young men salute themselves with a hat on the hand.

But the horror was coming from the East.
Thousands of soldiers with their guns. Like a Beast.
Full of hate in their heart for what they’ll see.
Only murderers and slaughters what they want to be.
Cry my heart for the souls of the innocent.
Fire and flames are coming to the coast.
Die my dreams! No peace on this land again.
Women and children are gonna be lost.

Generals left…Politicians vanished
Commanders escaped..A few soldiers stayed

To die with the women…Decapitated by the sword
They burn the bodies…The bury the sun

Genocide…blood and fear
Bodies lying on the coast

Gasoline…smoke and fire
The boats were never enough.

“Εμείς βρισκόμασταν στη Σμύρνη. Πλημύρα οι μαχαλάδες στο αίμα. Βάλανε φωτιά οι Τούρκοι, μια ώρα μακρυά. "Μη φοβάστε είναι μακριά", μας είπε ο νοικοκύρης του σπιτιού που μέναμε. Σ' ένα τέταρτο η φωτιά είχε έρθει σε μας. Ρίχνανε βενζίνη και προχωρούσε. Βγήκαμε στο δρόμο. Φωτιά από τη μια, θάλασσα από την άλλη. Βρισκόμασταν στη μέση. Και οι Τσέτες βρίσκονταν στη μέση, και σφάζαν και σκοτώναν.”
Ελένη Καραντώνη